Semi Permanent Makeup

About SPMU Removal

Time saving, flawless and designed to last, Semi Permanent Makeup is a fabulous solution for eyebrows and lips to hairlines and eyeliner. Unfortunately, lack of experience, quick consultations and poor preparation can leave you with undesirable SPMU that has you wanting your pre-treatment appearance back.

Regret is a strong emotion and that’s why we have laser Semi Permanent Makeup removal. Here at Facelab™ London we use Q-Switch laser technology that is gentle enough to use on the delicate face area, while being very effective at microblading removal. It’s the quickest and safest way to return to a blank canvas, offering results in as little as 3 sessions spaced at monthly intervals.


  • Best Results: 3-9 treatments
  • Results last: Forever
  • Cost: £75 per session
  • Duration of treatment: 20 mins
  • Pain level: High / numbing applied

How soon after laser tattoo removal for eyebrows can I have new SPMU?

You can receive new SPMU after completing laser tattoo removal for eyebrows. You’ll just have to wait a minimum of 4-5 weeks after your last laser Semi Permanent Makeup removal treatment.

Will microblading removal and laser tattoo removal damage the hairs?

No – this is one of the biggest misconceptions of microblading and laser tattoo removal. Our Q-Switch laser is specifically designed to shatter the pigment particles in the skin whilst simultaneously avoiding damage to the hair follicle.

Body Tattoo Removal

About tattoo Removal

Alongside Semi Permanent Makeup removal, we also offer body tattoo removal. The main goal of laser tattoo removal is to fragmentise the structure of the pigment which gives your tattoos colour. Your unwanted tattoos will absorb the energy from the laser which causes the pigment to break down and be removed by the immune system.

Some of the pigment will be immediately removed from the skin and some will begin to be removed by your lymphatic system in the weeks post-treatment. This is why we recommend an initial course of 3 sessions, spaced a month apart.

  • Best Results: 3-9 treatments
  • Results last: Permanent
  • Cost: £80-110 per session
  • Duration of treatment: 20 mins
  • Pain level: High / numbing applied

Pigmentation Removal

About Pigmentation Removal

Get even with pigmentation: whether that be freckles, general pigmentation, sun spots or age spots. Laser pigmentation removal is safe and effective, targeting only the pigmented lesion so that the surrounding skin isn’t damaged. It works by heating up and drawing the pigment to the surface, leaving spots to fade or flake off. The result is an even tone and clear complexion.

  • Best Results: 1-3 treatments
  • Results last: Forever
  • Cost: £80 per session
  • Duration of treatment: 20 mins
  • Pain level: High / numbing applied

Carbon Laser Facial (Carbon Peel)

About Carbon Laser Facials

Carbon laser facials (also called a Carbon Peel) are a non-invasive and anti-aging solution to pigmentation, redness, rosacea, acne, dehydrated and dull skin. It’s a painless exfoliating and resurfacing treatment that uses an activated liquid carbon masque coupled with our advanced Q-Switch laser. A Carbon Peel is particularly beneficial for people with oily skin, blackheads, and enlarged pores as the treatment ‘zaps’ oil, bacteria and dead skin cells out of the skin.



  • Best Results: 2-3 treatment
  • Results last: 4 months
  • Cost: £125
  • Duration of treatment: 45 mins
  • Pain level: Very little / none

Fungal Nail Treatment

About Fungal Nail Treatment

A large percentage of the population experience thickened, brittle, crumbly or ragged nails and this is often Onychomycosis. Our Q-Switch laser technology delivers concentrated energy pulses for a controlled heating effect that penetrates through the nail bed and destroys the fungal infection without damaging the surrounding tissue.


  • Best Results: Up to 10 treatments
  • Results last: Forever
  • Cost: £100 per session
  • Duration of treatment: 30 mins
  • Pain level: Moderate

Laser & Permanent Makeup Removal FAQs

Does microblading removal and laser hurt?

Laser is not a pain free process. No tattoo removal or PMU removal process is pain free however, here at Facelab we ensure that all treatments are as pain free as possible and cater our laser settings to the skin type of each individual client.

How many sessions do I need?

As a guide, you may require 3-10 treatments depending on the type and saturation of your tattoo. However, it’s tricky to advise exactly how many microblading removal or laser treatments you may need. Rest assured, we will develop a laser treatment plan which caters to your skin type and goals.

How long does the laser removal treatment take?

Each treatment takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of laser tattoo removal for eyebrows?

Laser tattoo removal for eyebrows is the safest, fastest and most effective form of removal. Saline removal typically causes scarring and skin irritation which isn’t ideal for future cover up services. The use of our Q-Switch laser also means there’s minimal recovery time in comparison to other removal techniques.

What should I avoid before laser treatments?

Your skin MUST NOT be tanned and you must not be using sunbeds during laser treatments. If you do tan or use sunbeds, it can increase your risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring. It’s also important to avoid:

  • Injuring the intended treatment area
  • Shaving (this thins the skin and causes unnecessary trauma)
  • Heat
  • Hot water
  • Heavy sweating
  • Swimming.

We also recommend staying hydrated so you can speed up the removal process!

What is the laser treatment aftercare?

You’ll receive full aftercare advice post-treatment to ensure your removal process is as successful as possible, however basic aftercare includes:

  • Keeping the area clean and dry for the first 48 hours
  • Avoid picking or scratching the area
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol
  • Avoid high-pressure water on the treatment area.