Welcome to the Facelab London experience.

Facelab™ London is a client focused Permanent Make-up, Aesthetics & Laser clinic dedicated to the craft of cosmetic enhancements for clients seeking the latest treatment offerings within a wholly inclusive atmosphere, dedicated to client satisfaction.

Treatments & Services

Facelab™ London covers a wide range of Permanent Make-up, Aesthetic & Laser Treatments, providing clients with a turn-key offering for their cosmetic enhancement requirements.

Accredited Beginners Training

Here at Facelab London we offer both intense and informative 1-2-1 beginners training programmes in a variety of specialisms including Lip Blush, Brows & Laser Training .

The Masterclasses

Facelab London offers trained PMU artists a range of refined informative masterclasses in a variety of techniques.. Our masterclass offerings have been designed for any Permanent Make-up Artist who values the importance of continued training and development as the foundation for perfecting their craft.

Meet Calla

Firstly, is there anything more awkward than attempting to write about yourself or is that just me? If I can be frank I would best describe myself as the epitome of an introverted obsessive compulsive perfectionist coupled with the occasional tendency to talk way too much.

I believe passionately in the notion of getting to know my clients, I want for you to feel as though you are in a tranquil, luxurious and inclusive space where the sole focus is you and your desired treatment outcome.

Each treatment is both individual and personal and I take no greater pleasure in creating for you an outcome that exceeds any expectations you may have had.

with love Calla xo

Client love