Fresh-faced and feeling yourself: the FaceLab London effect.

At Facelab™ London, you are our priority. Exceeding your expectations (safely!) is what pushes us to measure, map, design and create with the greatest care and attention to detail. We holistically combine Semi-Permanent Makeup, Laser and Aesthetics treatments so you can leave your insecurities at the clinic door and feel fresh-faced, confident and the best version of you.

The Glow-Down on Our Treatments & Services

Whether this is your first time (or tenth) exploring Semi-Permanent Makeup, Laser and Aesthetics, we always offer an honest and holistic evaluation of your skin and cosmetic enhancement goals. As our name would suggest, every face is unique, requiring a custom approach that balances in-the-chair treatment with positive lifestyle practices. And the best bit? You don’t have to know exactly what you want to book a consultation – that’s what we’re here for!

Accredited Beginners Training

Everyone has to start somewhere and we’re big believers in getting it right from the beginning. Through Facelab™ London’s Accredited Beginners Training you can specialise in Semi-Permanent Makeup Lip Blush, Brows and/or Laser with hands-on, individual intensives with Calla Plested.

The Masterclasses

Already have a micropigmentation qualification in-hand but feel like you’re missing some kind of industry secret? At Facelab™ London we know it is important to always be learning, refining and perfecting our craft. It’s the only way to ensure happy clients! Our Masterclasses dive into a variety of techniques so you upskill and continue to treat with the utmost confidence.

Hey pretty scroller, I’m Calla

I’ve never been one to love writing about myself (it’s a little cringey, right?), but given I have a tendency to talk too much, this might be a nice way to get to know each other before you’re in the treatment chair.

I created Facelab™ London to ditch the cold, in-and-out nature of industry clinics. I wanted to offer people a professional, tranquil, environment that felt more like a catch up with a best friend, than a once-off cosmetic transaction.

And that’s because Semi-Permanent Makeup, Aesthetics and even eyebrow tattoo laser removal shouldn’t just be treated like an impulsive, one time fling. To holistically achieve long term results means I need to thoroughly understand your cosmetic goals, history and everything in between.

In doing this, I promise to always be up front and honest (*ahem* yes, laser removal is skin-crawlingly painful, but it’s very safe and it WORKS) and exceed your expectations: safely. Because that’s what is going to have you smiling into a mirror for years to come.

With love & pigment,

Calla xo

Love for facelab